Studio Ala


Brining points of view from different ends of the spectrum together...
Working with other designers and engineers on products, details or processes often creates unexpected results and redefines rules of how things are made or thought of. 

Collaboration with 
London, 2016

current table
surface design


The Current Table, developed by Caventou, is a standalone energy source which can be used in the built environment. Its glass surface engineered from integrated solar cells that use the property of colour to create an electrical current, just like photosynthesis. The dyesensitive solar cells work efficiently in diffused light which makes it the first piece of furniture able to harvest energy indoors.

This project appealed to me because of Caventou's design which attempts to integrates technology and the natural world. What was needed here was a functional graphic which was also beautiful a perfect balance of form and function (exposing technology is a running theme throughout my work). The final solar tile graphic is inspired by wood texture, while the physical size, shape and colour of the graphics optimise the function of the tile. The pattern creates visual connections across the whole surface of the table, with the graphics interlocking in two directions to achieve variety by arranging the tiles in altering directions to create more variety using only one unit.

Photography: Mitch Payne

Collaboration with Stefan Dzisiewski-Smith
London, 2016

the crafted pcb
production process experiments


While working together on the Touch Board, Stefan and I fell in love with the idea of taking advantage of the manufacturing process of printed circuit boards. These experiments are not functioning (yet) but are the groundwork for potential exposed PCBs which could be integrated into sensing wearables or everyday smart objects. Stay tuned for further developments.