Current Table

Surface Design

WHAT IS THE CURRENT TABLE  //  The Current Table is a standalone energy source which can be used in the built environment. Its glass surface engineered from integrated solar cells that use the property of colour to create an electrical current, just like photosynthesis. The dyesensitive solar cells work efficiently in diffused light which makes it the first piece of furniture able to harvest energy indoors.

AIM  //  The design brief for the surface design for the Current Table revolved around manifesting the language of nature yet working within the technical restraints of the manufacturing technique of the solar cells as well as optimising their efficiency. My brief was to develop a second generation of the surface pattern of the cells, working to a new size as well as elaborating on the original design.

PROCESS + RESULT  //  In a relatively short amount of time I worked closely with the founders of Caventou to provide a fresh perspective on their already advanced exploration of surface patterns. My approach started with understanding the physical object which provides the context for the single tile to be designed. The table exists in three sizes the first step was to understand the configuration of tiles in each size. The final tile is designed to create visual connections across the whole surface of the table, as well as adding variety through arranging the units in altering directions to create more variety using only one unit.   ⁄   2016   ⁄   Currently in production   ⁄   Images ©Mitch Payne