Studio Ala

Design Research


Ask the right question, listen actively, go beyond simply witnessing — engaging with multiple stakeholders to gather varied points of view on complex issues at the beginning of the process, sets the foundation for all work which follows. 

Format  |  Face to face, phone interviews and online survey
Industry  |   Healthcare
Client  |   Self-initiated
Scope  |   Brainstorm prep
Location  |   London, 2016


Project Lymph — How can we improve patient compliance in managing their Lymphoedema at home? 


who + how + why?

Although the question of 'How can we improve patent compliance in treating their Lymphoedema at home?' has a wide variety of possible answers, as the first step in improving the day to day life of an extreme user, we decided to focus on the garment itself which, at the moment is a biggest paint point for the people we have interviewed.

In preparation for a pressure garment redesign brainstorm for a self-initiated project we carried out qualitative research with affected groups of people to prepare the best foundation for the session.

This project is ongoing and was inspired by an extreme user who has shared their experience of this health condition as well as connecting me with specialised therapists and trusted information sources and support groups who helped me reach other people dealing with this largely obscure condition. I gathered goals and barriers from each group and presented the findings to a a group of interdisciplinary designers at a brainstorming session.

More about the project: coming soon