Crafted electronics

This page is a collection of experimental projects which together contribute to an exploration of handmade sensors, truly functional graphics and connecting the digital with the physical world. The projects shown here have been and still are created with a group of collaborators, each from a different discipline.

printed sensors + art installations

Over the past five years I have worked  with artists to help design tangible interfaces for interactive installations. The first of these projects was a collaboration between Bare Conductive, myself and artist Fabio Lattanzi Antinori, where we created an interactive installation commissioned by the MAK Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna in 2013. This project tested both the hardware prototypes designed by Bare Conductive, pushed the sensor design using Electric Paint as well as created a new discourse in the artists' practice. The collaborations have continued until today, I often act as support in the design, making and installations of pieces, most recently at the MOCA Pavilion in Shanghai, China.


I was selected to work with Jessamyn Fairfield, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Research on Adaptive Nanostructures and Nanodevices at Trinity College, to create a poster summarising her research for an event at Science Gallery Dublin. We worked together to distil the research and create an immediately accessible metaphor for viewers outside of the academic circles. The result was a poster of an illustrated brain with an added tangible interaction which let the viewer physically thicken some paths of the brain, reinforcing the fact that the nanowires, researched by Jessamyn, are prototypes for understanding how the brain is wired. 


I'm currently working with Electronic Design Engineer, Stefan Dzisiewski-Smith to explore the visual and graphic potential of PCBs, printed circuit boards. We worked together at Bare Conductive on the design and UX of various boards, each of us looking at it from two extremes, function and communication. We are currently working on an fun side project which is aimed to explore the possibilities of injecting graphics into the manufacturing process of the boards, to potentially eliminate the additional silk screen step usually used on top of already engineered PCBs. This playful exercise is a first step towards more functional graphics.