Studio Ala


Experiencing speculative futures...
Creating works which hint at possible futures, inspire debate can be a catalyst for change. While ideas are often explored in books or films, making these experiences tangible can bring them that much closer to an individual's perception of the world. Collaborating with artists in a gallery context builds on my critical design thinking capability, which in turn I aim to bring into constructive design research.  

MAK Museum of Applied Arts
Scientific Skin Exhibition
Vienna, 2013

Interactive sound installation


Contours was an interactive sound installation a collaboration between Bare Conductive, myself and artist Fabio Lattanzi Antinori, where we created an interactive installation commissioned by the MAK Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna in 2013. This project tested both the hardware prototypes designed by Bare Conductive, pushed the sensor design using Electric Paint as well as created a new discourse in the artists' practice.

Contours was also exhibited at the Design Museum Holon, Israel in 2017

MART Museum of Applied Arts
The Shape of Taste Exhibition
Rovereto, Italy, 2013

Interactive food installation



Playfood was an speculative design project developed during my final year of the Innovation Design Engineering MA / MSc at the Royal College of Art. The interactive installation explored tangible interfaces in the context of food. I prototyped a touchscreen type game table through which the user could play a game through interacting with the food. The concept of the game was to communicate the benefits of different food groups and was inspired by my own experience working in the FMCG sector with a focus on food packaging.

design and instal assistance

Since the Contours project, I have been working closely with artist Fabio Lattanzi Antinori to assist in the design, making and installing his artworks. Ability to to shadow his process brings a lot of inspiration into my work, and travelling in this context puts me in touch with an incredible network of artists, curators and art spaces. Some of the places we work at together include:

Victoria & Albert Museum, London
MOCA Pavilion, Shanghai
Zhejiang Art Museum, Hang Zhou
Design Museum Holon, Holon