Projects made with friends

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a cancer awareness project 

Created with my dear friend Grace Attlee,  Know your Bits  was a cancer awareness project, to share a message and raise funds for Cancer Research UK. The Bits are a collection of illustrated characters inspired by the body, and so far they have shown to be interesting conversation starters not only about cancer but about general wellbeing and self awareness. We collected donations and organised an Piñata Party fundraiser and even inspired some friends to adopt their Bits avatars for their Race for Life. Hopefully this project will resurface at some point, it felt great working on it. 



I'm working with a friend of mine on a little illustrated book which he wrote based on very 'matter of fact' conversations he has with his son. The best part is that the boy doesn't know about it yet. Updates on progress coming soon.


A quick logo I designed for a children's charity based in Poland. The name translates to 'Something Good', the logo plays with the idea of sun and rain as good, nurturing forces. The style is inspired by the simple, iconic graphics of the 50s and 60s we all grew up with.