Happy Fangs

Product, UI, UX

WHAT IS HAPPY FANGS?  //  Happy Fangs is a game app which connects to a smart toothbrush. It corrects children's brushing technique, my monitoring the angle at which they hold their brush, while they clean the stubborn animated germs off the smart phone screen and their teeth at the same time.

AIM  //  Happy Fangs aims to make brushing techniques easy and fun for children to learn. Through the collection of data and an interactive system, creating a new, fun experience, while teaching them to brush the correct way.

PROCESS + RESULT  //  Initially, my role in the project was to design a dancing character for the game app, and design an easy interface for children to follow and brush the correct section of their teeth. We soon realised that the game concept was hard to be related back to the act of brushing teeth. Furthermore, the team has come up with the idea of sectioning the teeth into distinct areas, each corresponding to a different way of holding the brush. This was the biggest challenge to communicate. Firstly, I created a story line together with four main characters whose teeth had to be cleaned for various reasons. The tooth section indicator was colour coded, these colours became the backgrounds of each mini game which corresponded to each section. We then also added the colours to the corresponding visible edges of the toothbrush to create a synergy between the brush itself and the mobile device. This project has received funding and is currently in development. / 2014 Kickstarter campaign preparation