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Designing an easy and engaging entry point to creating physical interfaces

Case study

Designing an easy and engaging entry point to creating physical interfaces using Bare Conductive's Touch Board and Electric Paint — The Starter Kit


The Touch Board Starter Kit is a prescribed outcome project focused activity kit, aimed to provide an entry point for the Touch Board as well as Electric Paint.

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To create an entry level kit to introduce and engage new users with both the Touch Board and Electric Paint.


The Starter Kit followed the Touch Board after about a year and was first launched at the MoMA NY during the London Tech City event in May 2015. We chose to include three projects based on the Touch Board feedback from our community. We collectively worked on the content and prototypes of the projects, which I then took forward through a design and UX stage which included tightening the design of each project, creating the instructions as a web based tutorials as well as a printed guidebook included with the product. I also worked closely with suppliers to create bespoke packaging and art directed the product video.

The kit proved to be successful with entry level audience, often used in workshop settings as well as a prototyping tool for people whose projects were based on the same principles.

Further info: Ideas of what to do with your Starter Kit

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Industry  |  Consumer Electronics
Client  |  Bare Conductive / created as a part of in-house team
Location  |  London, 2013 — 2016
Video  |  Alice
Photography  |  Santiago G Gomez and Full Stop Photography